Leonardi Manufacturing is a leader in manufacturing of metal based solutions for a variety of products and industries. Specializing in innovation and problem solving for almost 80 years, Leonardi has built a strong business on cultivating relationships with their customers and partnering with them on the success of their projects.

Between experience and their vast supplier network, Leonardi offers custom manufacturing solutions. Leonardi is a strong partner for businesses looking for strategic solutions in stamping, heat treating, plating, painting, welding, riveting, bending, induction heating, soldering, bonding, machining, turning, laser cutting, water jet cutting, investment casting, draw forming, spin forming, tube fabricating, wire forming and many other metal production capabilities. By utilizing its strengths through the knowledge and experience of their people, they continue to revolutionize the metal working trade with solutions for every industry.

Having performed work in a vast number of industries such as theatrical rigging, HVAC, fine arts, cutlery, construction, fluid power, electrical contacts, wood processing, and lawn care - Leonardi has also taken its expertise to the productization of frames for pocketbooks, cutting systems and stump grinding teeth for the Tree Care Industry.

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