Proving that they are leaders in innovation and problem solving, Leonardi has built a seventy-plus year history of partnering with their customers to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Below is a quick snapshot of some of the defining moments:

Leonardi opens its doors with the goal of the manufacturing of quality US made products, and the ideal of exceeding expectations to meet the clients needs. They instantly began manufacturing frames for a variety of uses.

Leonardi develops a new manufacturing process for producing the male hinge, which increases production by five times capability prior to that time.

Leonardi develops a new process for production of the female hinge, which utilized a dual press with transfer. This allows production to match the male hinge output.

Leonardi develops electronic control system for production presses, allowing for unattended production.

Leonardi develops a more cost effective wire diaper bag frame that allowed an increase in sales from 10,000 pieces per year to 2 million per year.

Leonardi begins to expand frame manufacturing capabilities by improving material handling, process flow and plating capacity, providing new opportunities with existing customers.

Through a partnering effort with a point-of-sale and ATM equipment manufacturer, Leonardi entered into the then new world of CNC electric discharge machining. This greatly reduced complex tooling costs and lead time.

Through further collaboration, Leonardi then acquired laser cutting capability, which was a new emerging technology. This greatly reduced the lead time on prototype parts and improved capabilities for prototyping and short run.

Developed a laser cut, CNC bending, and TIG welding process that was used to produce the sunroof of the LOTUS Espirit.

Leonardi diversifies by acquiring Teeth Inc. and begins manufacturing Tree Care products.

Through a combined effort with the customer, Leonardi developed a process for a speed skate blade which resulted in an Olympic Gold Medal.

Leonardi builds a testing facility which allowed for data acquisition.

Developed a forming process for bending heavy gauge, high strength, low alloy steel, which allowed us to hold our forming tolerance an unprecedented 1/4 degree.

Leonardi introduces the Pin Tooth which allowed their products to be self-gauging, which was an innovative safety feature later patented.

Leonardi develops a flexible tooling system that allows for the changing of a parts length and add or subtract holes in just a few minutes. This allowed for the creation of families of parts. This development was furthered by the ability to change families including material width, thickness and type to meet our partners' needs in just 15 minutes.

Leonardi developed a process for manufacturing our hinge that increased it's life cycle 7-fold. This hinge was then patented.

Leonardi develops and introduces the Tomahawk, a new tooth product using optimum cutting angles to create the fastest tooth on the market.

Leonardi helps their Tree Care customer become more productive with the introduction of the Speed Wrench, which put all of the tools needed to change a set of teeth into one tool.

The latest innovative step was to design and release a new cutting wheel for the Tree Care Industry. The Phantom Wheel, allowed for the user to see through the wheel while cutting near objects, prevents damage to both the object and the teeth.

Leonardi introduces a cutting wheel for the Tree Care Industry which focuses on lowering costs. With significantly fewer teeth and the elimination of pockets, the M1 Cutting System lowers the customers cost of using and maintaining their equipment.

Leonardi introduces M1 Silver Stump Grinding Wheel